Asheville, North Carolina

Adolfson & Peterson Construction went to contract with Hayes & Lunsford on the New Belgium East Coast Brewery in the preliminary stages of conceptual design in 2013. Over a 36-month period Hayes & Lunsford performed services on this 133,000 Sqft. brewery & tasking room with water treatment plant. The Brewery went online in May of 2016 with a capacity to brew 500,00 barrels of beer annually.

Pre-construction phase of our work included: reviews, design assist budgeting, and logging trends.

Early Construction phase included: temp power for all phases of construction, BIM, level of development of 400 or greater. Site grounding and bonding.

Construction phase included: power distribution, emergency power distribution, building lighting interior & exterior, pathway lighting, site lighting, voice and data cabling, Wi-Fi, access control, fire alarm, audio visual, lighting controls, residual controls.

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